Very commonly, it’s preferable to have haze remain reduced to the ground. This impact produces a dreamy environment on a stage and also is used quite often in dancings, operas, performances as well as other staged productions. I don’t assume I’ve ever seen an efficiency of the traditional ballet “The Nutcracker” that didn’t utilize this kind of impact. Because the haze from a haze machine is cozy, it has a tendency to climb and also fill out a location rather than hugging the flooring, which can make it challenging for the target market to see what’s happening on the phase.

Luckily, there are a few various efficient means to develop a low-hanging haze result.

Use a Solidified Carbon Dioxide “Pea Souper” Fog what does fog mean spiritually Device. Primarily, a pea souper is simply a container full of warmed water. When haze is required, great deals of solidified carbon dioxide (20-40 pounds) is decreased right into the water, typically inside a steel basket. As the dry ice subliminates from a strong to gas in the warm water, it creates clouds of great carbon dioxide for a couple of minutes. This gas is piped to the wanted area with dryer hose pipe. Pea soupers are really efficient for producing thick low dangling haze considering that co2 gas is much heavier than air, it remains low to the ground. Given that the major palatable of a pea souper is dry ice as well as not fog juice, they promptly end up being much more costly as well as difficult to utilize than a regular fog maker. A preferred version of Pea Souper is the LF05E made by LeMaitre (imagined above) and at nearly $700, is a whole lot extra expensive than it appears like it ought to be. However, most rental houses have them on hand if you require it for only a short time.
If you choose a pea souper is your finest choice for low dangling haze, below are a couple of tips:

Seek out commercial gas supply business in your area to locate the most effective prices on dry ice. It’s much less costly to acquire it wholesale from them than from the supermarket.
If you break up the dry ice into smaller sized chunks, you will obtain a lot more haze result in a much shorter time than if you utilize bigger pieces, but will additionally obtain much less fog time. A reliable method I have actually located to separate solidified carbon dioxide into smaller sized items is to then make use of metal tongs to place it in a heavy fabric bag and after that hit it with a hammer till you have actually gotten to the desired size.
You can securely store huge amounts of solidified carbon dioxide in a regular insulated colder for a couple of days, however do NOT store solidified carbon dioxide in a normal freezer. To the 110 degree below no solidified carbon dioxide, placing it inside a freezer virtually 130 levels hotter than it is akin to placing a regular ice cube inside a hot oven. If you do this, your solidified carbon dioxide will evaporate within hrs.
Be really cautious if you make use of solidified carbon dioxide. At a temperature of -110 ° F, dry ice requires that you take special safety precautions throughout handling as well as storage space. Always put on thick gloves, eye protection and also use steel tongs to take care of dry ice. Never ever touch dry ice with your birthday suit, it will create frostbite burns within seconds as well as can leave enduring damage.
Now, a few other methods to attain low hanging fog with a typical fog maker.

Construct a Fog Chiller to cool down the fog from a typical fog machine. I have actually attempted this various times with mixed outcomes, yet sometimes it actually functions pretty well. The suggestion is to use clothes dryer hose to duct the fog result from the fog equipment right into a cooled chamber to reduce the temperature of the haze in order to discourage it from rising. This can quickly be achieved by cutting a hole in the side of a water-proof box (Styrofoam colders are a wonderful means to inexpensively try this) that is loaded with ice. An opening on the opposite side of the cooler can be connected to more clothes dryer hose pipe to pipe the haze better to where you want it to find out. Pointer: I like to utilize those reusable closed cooling packs as opposed to ice because they remain frozen a lot longer than typical ice and do not make any kind of mess when they thaw. I have actually also attempted making use of a percentage of dry ice (concerning 5 lbs) to cool down the haze, which works quite well. The downside to this strategy is that fog outcome from your fog maker will be lowered somewhat. Several of the fog will certainly condense back to haze juice inside the colder, so you need a quite powerful haze machine to obtain a suitable amount of low dangling fog. This technique will not attain the same thick reduced dangling fog effect that the pea souper would certainly produce, however it is an excellent way to obtain a comparable look without the mess and expense of big amounts of dry ice.
Get a fog device with an integrated cooling system. American DJ makes a haze machine called Mister Kool that takes the principle explained over and also builds it into the exact same system as the fog equipment. You just fill the Mister Kool with 4 pounds of normal ol’ ice and fog juice as well as out comes fairly low hanging fog. As in the past, this is not going to duplicate the pea souper effect precisely, but it can get rather close. It additionally has actually a built in water drain system to make getting rid of the water from the thawed ice a breeze, something that’s absolutely not as very easy with a home-built reduced lying fog solution. If you require thick ground-hugging fog, using a Dry Ice based system is the only dependable method to continually accomplish it. Nevertheless, if you simply desire the haze from your haze maker to remain closer to the ground, cooling it is generally a reliable means to obtain that impact.

Low Hanging Fog – A Few Ideas to Achieve Awesome Ground Fog Effects